Seamless, direct, and effective community management.

Say goodbye to the days of managing through an inbox and step into a world of seamless, direct, and effective community management.

Elevating strata communities with Erin: An advantage for property owners.

Attract Residents

Our integrated platform appeals to tech-savvy buyers and tenants looking for smart, connected homes.

Community Lifestyle

Erin enhances the sense of community through features like social forums, event calendars, and a local marketplace.

Sales and Marketing

Showcase the ease of property management, the convenience of smart home features, and the community engagement opportunities directly within the app.

Property Desirability

Integrating Erin into your development projects elevates the overall desirability of your properties.

Empower Your Development.

Attract, engage, and retain residents by offering an unparalleled living experience that goes beyond the traditional. With Erin Living, you're not just developing properties; you're crafting future-ready communities.

“Residents in our Erin-powered building have given us overwhelmingly positive feedback about the ease of the app in their building.” - Kristie (Strata Manager)

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