Enhancing Property Value for Developers

In an era where buyers and tenants seek more than just a space to reside,
Erin offers a competitive edge to your development projects.

Elevating Development Projects with Erin: A Property Developer's Advantage.

Attract Buyers

Attract buyers seeking smart, convenient homes.

Community Lifestyle

Boosts community living with social events, and a marketplace.

Sales & Marketing

Highlight effortless living, smart home convenience, and community engagement.

Property Desirability

Incorporate Erin into your development enhance your property's appeal.

Enhanced Security

Smart access outperforms incumbent technologies, ensuring paramount safety and security.

Sustainable Assets

Helping residents in future developments monitor their usage of utilities.


Today's buyers demand smart buildings that are flexible, adaptable, and designed for the long term.

Competitive Advantage

The right tech-enhanced living experience sets your project apart in a competitive market.

Cost Savings

Cut construction costs and lower operating expenses through automation and efficiencies.

Future Proofing

Future-proof your assets with technology that evolves, ensuring lasting appeal and value.

Brand Recognition

Become known for creating a fantastic experiences, elevating your brand for years to come.


With customer reviews crucial to reputation, developers must prioritise the customer experience and every detail of their property delivery.

Empower Your Development.

Attract, engage, and retain residents by offering an unparalleled living experience that goes beyond the traditional. With Erin, you're not just developing properties; you're crafting future-ready communities.

“The Erin Living app has supported our team in delivering an efficient and client-centric after care experience.” - Tim Lowe.

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