Tech-savvy Renters

In the dynamic landscape of Build-to-Rent, Owners & Operators are constantly seeking ways to differentiate their projects and enhance their appeal. Erin is your partner in this journey, offering a technological edge that is pivotal in propelling your BtR properties to the forefront of the market.

Elevating Tenant Experiences.

In the BtR sector, the tenant experience is paramount. Erin transforms these experiences by integrating smart technology, from digital keys to energy management, offering tenants a modern, convenient, and sustainable lifestyle.

Streamlined Operations
and Efficiency.

Foster a strong community through effective communication. Our platform enables real-time updates, announcements, and feedback, ensuring a seamless flow of information between managers and residents.

“It’s a massive market and clearly an important thing to get right. With such a strong focus on user experience in other sectors, consumer expectations (especially around integration) are becoming higher and BTR will need to keep pace, regardless of what the rental market is doing.

Sales Director - Chris Efthimiou
2023 Build-to-rent conference hosted by Informa Connect

Data-Driven Decision Making.

Harness the power of data with Erin. Gain insights into tenant preferences and behaviours, allowing you to tailor your services and amenities more effectively, ensuring they resonate with current market demands.

Community Engagement and Tenant Retention.

Build vibrant, engaged communities within your properties. Erin community features like social forums and event planning tools encourage tenant interaction and foster a sense of belonging, which is crucial for tenant retention.

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