Streamlining Management, Enhancing Communities

Erin is designed to revolutionise the way Building, Facility, Strata & Property Managers operate, bringing efficiency, engagement, and ease to every aspect of community management.

Centralised Management Made Simple.

Erin consolidates all management tasks into one intuitive platform. From maintenance requests to amenity bookings, manage your property's day-to-day operations with unmatched ease and precision.

Enhanced Resident Communication.

Foster a strong community through effective communication. Our platform enables real-time updates, announcements, and feedback, ensuring a seamless flow of information between managers and residents.

Streamlined Service Requests.

Efficiently handle maintenance and service requests with a system that tracks, prioritises, and updates status in real time, improving response times and resident satisfaction.

Case study

Building Manager - Erin Powered building

“The team at Erin was able to offer a versatile platform saving us more time and centralising everything in their one easy to use platform. They were able to adapt to our evolving needs and offer solutions to problems impacting our residents. Their dedication to account management has been hugely beneficial as we could demonstrate problems that they were versatile enough to help fix.”

Building Community Engagement.

Utilise Erin to organise events, conduct polls, and create community forums. These features not only enhance the resident experience but also build a vibrant, engaged community.

Improved Security and Access Control.

With digital keys and smart access solutions, provide enhanced security whilst offering residents the convenience of modern technology.

Data-Driven Decision Making.

Access valuable insights and analytics to make informed decisions that benefit the community, enhancing operational efficiency and strategic planning.

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