What is Erin

Erin is an all-in-one, liveability super-app designed to make the lives of residents more connected, more secure and more convenient.

Our purpose built app for homeowners and tenants encapsulates every touchpoint, emotion, and interaction that a resident has from the moment they step into their home.

A Better Way to Live

Erin isn't just another app; it's a digital extension of your home. Designed with the modern homeowner and tenant in mind.

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An app for
homeowners and tenants.


Dive deep into the heart of your community with Erin. Our platform encourages active participation, fostering interactions that transform mere residents into engaged community members.


Erin enhances community experiences for residents by seamlessly blending innovative services and initiatives, fostering unparalleled connectedness and engagement within vibrant living environments.


Bridging gaps and building connections is at the core of Erin. Our platform ensures residents, managers, and service providers are seamlessly linked. With real-time communications, digital access controls, and unified service portals, Erin  crafts a connected ecosystem where every touchpoint matters.

Supporting the property & real estate ecosystem

Property Developers

Step confidently into the future of property development, crafting spaces that resonate with the needs and desires of the modern resident.


Seamlessly integrated with construction management systems, Erin streamlines defect and maintenance requests, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and efficiency.


Simplify your operations, streamline communication, and enhance resident engagement, all from a single, intuitive interface.

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