Facility & Building Manager Solution

In the realm of the busy building and facility manager, your property operates as a sophisticated ecosystem, encompassing people, structures, services, maintenance, and compliance. Effectively orchestrating these components is essential to safeguard and enhance your building’s value, while concurrently improving the daily lives of its inhabitants. In this endeavour, Erin takes the lead by providing a comprehensive yet practical facilities management system.

Efficient Work Request Management

Stay ahead of maintenance challenges with Erin, which facilitates the management of reactive and planned work requests.

Streamlined Payment Control

Enable contractors to seamlessly attach invoices to purchase orders for completed work, and approve these payments online.
Integrated Asset Management:

Keep Asset Registers current, link work requests to assets, and track maintenance costs seamlessly within one integrated system.

Comprehensive Risk Compliance

Stay well-informed, monitor insurances, track risks, and receive timely alerts to ensure compliance.
Contractor Management Simplified:
Ensure the currency of insurances and inductions for contractors, and facilitate easy online check-in and work progress logging for work crews.

Configurability and Scalability

Tailor the system to suit one building, groups of buildings, or any property type. It is scalable and adaptable to meet diverse property management needs.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Connect effortlessly with various industry specialist systems, including JD Edwards, MRI, Yardi, and Xero, optimising the synergy of all moving parts.

Maximise Existing Investments

Unlock the full potential of your building's value by accessing real-time data to make informed decisions.

Tailored for Every Property

As a web and mobile-based facility management system, Erin's partner platform effortlessly adapts to any property portfolio, providing virtually unlimited scope and interfaces with numerous industry specialist systems to meet your unique property management requirements.

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