Procore Setup

Setup your Erin Defect integration with Procore

Step 1 - Login to procore as an Administrator

Step 2 - From the top right corner, click Account & Admin Settings

Step 3 - Navigate to service account and click the new button

Step 4 - In the new service account screen, select "Erin Living Resident App" from the dropdown menu

Step 5 - Click the create button

Step 6 - Copy both Client ID and Client Secret to a safe location. NOTE: You will not be able to see Client Secret again

Step 7 - Note the company id from the URL, the number just before /company/

Step 8 - Navigate to the Procore project you would like to integrate with Erin, and note the project id, the number just before /project/

Step 9 - Open the Erin Living Dashboard and navigate to Settings > Procore integration

Step 10 - Fill in the fields from the information noted in previous steps and click save
Do I have to pay for Erin ?

Yes, the Erin resident app is billed through your strata/oc budget and billed monthly.

How much does Erin cost ?

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How do I access to Erin ?

Once we are notified that your building want's access to Erin, we will send our customer onboarding team out to help residents activate & use their accounts.

Can I pay my Deposit or Bond through Erin ?

Not just yet. However, we are looking to fully integrate the apartment living experience inside the Erin app. Stay tuned!