Buildings aren’t consumers, people are

How we’re building a better future

We’re passionate about bringing sustainability to multi-dwelling living! Our vision is to use our tech to create positive social and environmental outcomes for Erin-powered buildings.

Did you know that buildings in Australia account for almost 1/4 of GHG emissions? Globally that’s around 39% of total emissions. With over 2 million Aussies living in an apartment, it’s fair to say that if we can improve the way we live in apartments, we can significantly decarbonise the built environment.

At the end of the day, buildings don’t consume energy and create waste on their own – it’s the people living their lives within them who do. Yet these impacts are largely out of developer’s, architect’s or even a building manager’s control. The impact of a building is instead made up of lots of individual behaviours.

But the good news is – because Erin can link a building’s impact (like energy usage) with building managers, residents, apartment owners and developers, we can use our platform to transform buildings for the better!

To learn more about our approach to sustainability, download a copy of our Sustainability Policy.

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To build better buildings we’re using
Forward-thinking technologies within the Erin platform to understand and positively influence resident behaviour.
Economies of scale to develop strategic partnerships for the benefit of residents within each building.
Sector-wide collaboration to share aggregated environmental performance insights and seek feedback on new ideas and concepts.
Erin as a communication tool to help drive and encourage positive behaviour change through a fun and engaging approach.
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