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The missing piece to hotel-like apartment living

Anthony Mazzei
October 27, 2022

As a close watcher of the Australian property industry and in particular, the apartment landscape, I really enjoyed reading The Age’s recent article titled “The hotel-inspired apartments that challenge ‘the great Australian dream”.

Sophie Aubrey’s article explored how high-level apartment living is growing in Australia, and the trend is here to stay. The article explored a number of luxury apartments, with ‘hotel-like experiences’ such as digital apartment locks, spas, communal rooftop and dog washing bays. Whilst property developers use these amenities to help attract buyers and tenants, one critical piece to the puzzle that is often missed, is how residents will interact with these features, in a seamless user-friendly way.

As an example, on settlement of a new apartment residents are given a settlement pack with a USB to access documents, email addresses for defects and concierge, and if they’re lucky, a web portal for general building-wide information and documents. In other cases, residents are forced to download multiple apps for day-to-day activities causing these fantastic amenities and features to be under-utilised, simply because people are unaware how to access them.

At Erin, we bring these experiences together in one app. We live by the mantra of “two apps too many”. Residents who download Erin have access to everything related to their home, their building, and the community.

In the award winning Piccolo House, developed by Australian renowned Piccolo, residents are notified about upcoming community events, can lodge data-rich maintenance requests, communicate to a digital concierge, receive deliveries via smart parcel lockers, and order dry cleaning services - all in one place.

The development team at Piccolo recognised that living in their properties should be easy and seamless. As a result of this, Piccolo engaged Erin on the simple premise of being able to combine all resident experiences in one easy-to-use app, delivering a fantastic service, removing barriers for residents.

This level of integrated resident experience is what creates ‘hotel-like’ apartment living so many residents are craving.

At Erin, we highly support the move to providing amazing buildings for residents and we implore property developers to think of how they can be practically implied to provide a seamless living experience for residents. Leveraging the super computers we all carry in our back pocket, is the best selling tool a developer can use. 

If you want to learn more about Erin and how we can enhance your building or portfolio, please don’t hesitate to reach out here.