Integrated Living

Seamlessly connected living

A fully automated,
keyless living experience.

Erin Mobile Access turns your mobile phone into a digital key to access your building, common areas and your home.

Touchless, safe and secure.

Keyless Living

Leave your keys at home the next time to leave your building knowing that your mobile phone is now your key.

Digital Key Sharing

Instantly Share access to your home using Erin. Know exactly who has a key to your home and when your door is opened.

Safer Buildings

Create safer environments by knowing exactly who has a key, when they’ve used it and stop any copies being made.

Control your home,
when you’re not home.

Bring your own smart-home devices and add them to Erin. Add, manage and control your lights, heating and cooling, curtains and doors from anywhere in the world.


Switch your lights on/off, dim light levels and program lighting to suit your mood all while enjoying energy-efficiency benefits.


Set up and manage your household electronic devices with ease and enjoy premium safety features like child-lock.

Custom Scenes

Setup custom welcome home scenes to automatically unlock your front door and turn your lights on.

Manage and track your utilities
to live more sustainably.

Track and monitor your energy usage to understand your carbon footprint on this beautiful planet we call Earth.

We all need to play our part.

Understand your impact

Monitor your energy usage through peak & off-peak times to understand your impact, usage trends & reduction opportunities.

Adjust your behaviour

Change how you live with support from our simple household tips and smart solutions where the hard work of changing habits is done for you.

Help us save the planet

We all need to play our part in saving the one place we all call home. The ultimate smart-home.

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Effortless living.