The team behind Erin Living

A passionate group of individuals building the future of living

Thomas Walkley
Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer

After a 14-year career across property sales, management and site acquisition, Thomas noticed a big opportunity for innovation in the industry. In 2018 and with a vision for change, he formed Erin Living alongside Anthony Mazzei.

Thomas manages Erin’s stakeholder relations, while also leading the team, finances and the overall direction and strategy for the company. Never short of a new idea, more often than not Thomas is busy researching how Erin can be used to better progress the industry and the way we live in apartments.

Developing new businesses and building teams is one of Thomas’ biggest passions. Erin is the fourth successful company he has been involved in building from the ground up, with a focus on creating positive and vibrant team cultures.

Anthony Mazzei
Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

Anthony lives and breathes all things tech. After a robust career across product and technology development, including five years with ASX listed company Ltd, his passion for innovation was ignited when he formed Erin Living with Thomas Walkley.

As Chief Product Officer, Anthony heads up Erin’s new product launch strategies, along with driving the company towards its unique vision of putting residents first and unlocking the full benefits of multi-dwelling living.

With a fresh outlook on the real estate world, Anthony pushes to constantly evolve the Erin offering in a way that will bring positive disruption to an outdated industry.

Max Penson
Chief Technology Officer
Chris Efthimiou
Sales Director
Nicole Graham
Group Product Owner
Abbie Freestone
Head of Sustainability & Communities
Nic Martin
Implementation Specialist
Sarah Liu
UX/UI Designer
Nico Purnomo
Data Analyst / Product Owner
Jerome Soulas
Senior Software Engineer
Reynald Nova
Software Engineer

Who we are

We are a resident experience company who are paving the way towards the enhancement of liveability and sustainability in built environments. Our clever applications improve the lifestyles of apartment residents by providing simple solutions to everyday problems.

Our vision is to create environmentally and financially sustainable buildings that promote wellness and human connection.

Buildings powered by Erin become vibrant, connected communities, operating as self-sufficient ecosystems. This delivers significant benefits to all involved, including property developers, building managers, strata corporations, and most importantly: apartment owners and residents.

Erin is not just another app for your building; it’s a way of living.

Erin is an innovative resident experience company that is focused on enhancing liveability in multi-dwelling buildings.

Our cutting-edge technology activates buildings transforming them into vibrant and connected communities, cleverly powered by Erin.

Significantly benefiting developers, facility managers and residents alike, we aim to not only be a disruptor within the PropTech space, but to continually build on and challenge established norms for the use of technology within built environments.

As we grow more digitally connected, new forms of online ‘community’ and ‘connection’ are fundamentally changing the way we live. Even as a tech company, our resident-focused app encourages human connection and connected community living by activating apartment buildings and uniting people through common interest.

We are constantly learning, growing and evolving, striving to improve the lifestyles of apartment dwellers.
We’re passionate about bringing sustainability to
apartment living.
Erin understands that we are living in an increasingly complex world with a myriad of social and environmental challenges. As we grow more and more digitally-connected, new forms of ‘community’ and ‘connection’ are fundamentally changing the way we live. Erin sees this as an opportunity to help build new kinds of social connection in multi-dwelling living. Erin’s platform adopts a resident-first approach to using communication, strategic partnerships and new technologies in order to bring buildings to life, and make it easy for residents to connect with one another. After all, if there’s anything we can learn from 2020 – it’s the importance of local and inclusive social networks – and digital communication in keeping us all connected.

Sustainability In Australia, buildings contribute to an estimated 25% of total carbon emissions, with this figure thought to be around 39% globally. In addition to carbon emissions, issues around waste management, water usage and biodiversity (among other factors) continue to present challenges to the way we design, develop and live in buildings today. This is why Erin is committed to using innovation and technology to solve complex sustainability challenges. Erin is in a unique position to help improve the environmental performance of buildings across the country, by using forward-thinking technology, leveraging economies of scale, sector-wide collaboration, and using Erin as a communication tool to help encourage behavioural change. Erin is actively working on our short, medium and long-term sustainability strategy and we look forward to sharing more detail with you soon.

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